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Karate And Fitness For All

Why Choose KAFFA?

Whether you are looking for karate or fitness, we can help. We teach people of all ages and capabilities, modifying lessons to fit learners. We focus on our students through a wellness lens and gather data and feedback from those we serve upon request. We believe that through teaching and learning, WE CAN ALL DO BETTER.

Wide Range of Services including
Medicaid Reimbursable One on One Sessions

Unique Approach


Experienced & Professional Teachers

Available for Everyone


Karate and Fitness for All is for everyone from youth to seniors. Traditional karate practices can stimulate the brain, and improve balance, muscle strength, coordination, and self-awareness. Click the button below to find out more about us.


How We Change Lives

Improves Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is an integral part of overall well-being. Our Karate Martial Arts program is designed to improve physical fitness and instill healthy habits that last a lifetime.

Improves Mental & Emotional Fitness

Our unique exercise program is also designed to improve mental and emotional fitness while helping to achieve fitness and wellness goals for everyone from youth aged to seniors. 

Reduces Stress Levels

Modified therapeutic karate is an excellent way to reduce stress, promoting calmness, focus, and self-control. It instills a sense of purpose and well-being.

Cultivates a Sense of Community

Cultivating a sense of community through mentorship, teaching social skills, and camaraderie is essential to overall well-being. 

Meet Our Clients

At KAFFAHEALTH, our experienced and professional teachers are dedicated to helping clients improve their overall well-being.


Ayodele Saromi

Executive Director, KAFFA, LLC



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