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Seniors and Veterans

Martial arts have been shown to have a positive effect on trauma processing and the treatment of post-traumatic stress symptoms.
To assist Seniors and Veterans, Karate And Fitness For All addresses the client’s social-emotional, behavioral or mental health needs. Each class seeks to address common issues such as communication, trauma, self-esteem and mindfulness to the Veterans.

Program Benefits for Veterans

Veterans enter the program through an open enrollment process that places them in the appropriate class based on an assessment or referral.

Program Benefits:

​• stress breath awareness and connection,
• movement of the physical body,
• intentional focus on somatic sensation,
• re-establishing control and autonomy within one’s own body,
• help boost self-confidence and self-esteem,
• improved emotional regulation and control,
• acknowledge and integrate personal boundaries,
• lower resting heart rate and improved sleep, and
• overall improved mental health

Military Salute
Morning Coffee on Terrace
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Make Contact

Ayodele Saromi Founder, KAFFA, LLC

Tel. (725)218-8811 | Email.

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